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National Sugar Tender Notice No.01 dated 11-01-2016 Open Link Here


Government of Jammu and Kashmir
Directorate of Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution
                                                                                                          Ph.  0194-2455019
Whereas, the Department of Consumer Affairs & Public Distribution Kashmir is mandated to distribute the foodgrains to the bonofide rationees regularly and timely through a network of its sale centers / Fair Price Shops (FPSs) spread in every nook and corner of the province;
Whereas, in furtherance of the objectives for which the department has come into being, the employees of the department are associated with the delivery of foodgrains amongst bonafide rationees and they are  fully aware of the fact  that they are dealing with essential services where no  laxity of any kind is  admissible ;  
Whereas, it has been observed that some officials have managed to form some union under the name and style  of “CA&PD Employees & Workers Association Kashmir” and have associated with it,  some employees of the department who at every alternate day give strike calls through its  so called President and hamper the functioning of the otherwise sensitive department;
Whereas, the so called CA&PD Employees & Workers Association is neither registered nor is the president of this so called Association elected under state specified norms through proper Ballot;
Whereas, it is not known who selected the president, where is the said Association registered as there is no record with the department to confirm the same;
Whereas, the reasons given for such a strike are flimsy and do not in any way relate to the career prospects of the employees of Consumer Affairs & Public Distribution Kashmir;
Whereas, the everyday strike has affected the functioning of the office very badly especially in view of the fact that the department has been making all out efforts to see that the interests of the employees are safeguarded and has never ever been larking over their genuine issues. Time bound promotions are being made regularly, DPCs are held quite often for clearance of cases for promotions, long disputed DPC for Ladakh stands cleared which was withheld over last a decade or so, vacancies have been referred to the Recruiting Agencies for filling up, time bound disposal of SRO 43 cases is being done, about 530 Class IV vacancies have been filled by the District/ Divisional Level Committees who at present are working in the districts;
Whereas the charter of demands presented by the so called union are mostly administrative in nature for which there is a well devised and specified government mechanism to deal with and any intrusion into it is in-admissible;
Whereas, it is not possible for the government to refurbish every office be it furniture or else to pre-flood state because of paucity of funds. Still with the kind of funds made available during 2015-16 by the government, works of urgent nature have been taken up in hand most of which stand completed as well and the office is upgrading and reconstructing its records destroyed in last year’s devastating floods which engulfed everything everywhere in the entire city of Srinagar. The Directorate office has been face lifted, corridor which was in shambles has been renovated,  washrooms for lady staff have been constructed, ground floor of the main building which remained inundated during last floods have been renovated in order to make the staff comfortable to work, the boundary / retaining wall around Gulabag compound has been put to  tenders by the state specified agency after the Administrative Approval of the said work has been given, godowns in Gulabag  in phased manner have been taken up in hand for renovation of which three stand completed and made functional,  New furniture and fixture  including desktops has been installed, drainage system in entire compound is up sleeve and partly put to work, power fluctuation in the directorate was affecting the  working on the electronic gadgets  which has been taken care of by purchase of Servo voltage stabilizer through State Power Development Department; 
Whereas, it will take time to restore the office to its original position as it will be a gradual process, proportionate to the release and availability of funds;
Whereas, resorting to strike will cut at the very roots of the functioning of the department because by doing this it will hamper distribution of foodgrains to the common people, the precise objective for which the department has been established by the government;
Whereas, the department has the additional responsibility of implementing the national Food Security Act from 1st of February and thus can ill afford these distractions;
Whereas, the employees associated with this so called Association were called and heard in person on 01-02-2016 and made aware about the  efforts  the department has been  putting in  resolving the genuine  problems of its employees yet it is  sensed  that they are hell-bent in continuing the strike called on insubstantial grounds which is void in the eyes of law as the employees cannot take department to ransom by  unduly influencing  the authorities that be so to  accede  to the illegitimate demands not even  remotely linked to the career prospects of the employees and thus such actions of the employees cannot be tolerated.
Now therefore, keeping the above facts in view the strike call given by this so called Association is totally unjustified as it will bring enormous hardships to the common people therefore, it is declared illegal and all employees associate with this so called union who have resorted to strike and have deserted their offices without any reason or rhyme are hereby directed to immediately attend their assigned duties. Any official who defies these instructions / directions will do so at his own peril as it will attract severe consequences under Service Conduct Rules. 
Consumer Affairs & Public Distribution
No: DCAPDK/Adm/B-X-649                                                                   Dated:    02-02-2016
Copy to the:
1.      Divisional Commissioner Kashmir
2.      Inspector General of Police Kashmir
3.      Secretary to Govt. CA&PD
4.      All Deputy Commissioner of Kashmir Division  
5.      Principal Private Secretary to Chief Secretary, J&K for information of the Chief Secretary.
6.      Additional Advocate General, Kashmir.
7.      SSP Srinagar for information and necessary action.
8.      Joint Director Information Kashmir with the request to get the Notice published in the leading news papers.
9.      Joint Director (Adm) /All Dy. Directors/Chief Accounts Officer.
10.  All Assistant Directors of CA&PD Kashmir
11.  SHO, Sheedgunj with the request to depute a contingent of police to the directorate who will ensure dispersing of such assembly of employees within the premises of this directorate whenever held.
12.  All Employees for immediate and strict compliance.
13.  I/C website for hoisting of the Notice on the departmental website.
14.  Sectional Officer for placing the same on the Notice Board of the Department.

The Directorate of J&K CA&PD is responsible for the formulation of policies for Monitoring Prices, availability of essential commodities, Consumer Movement in the country and Controlling of statutory bodies like Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) and Weights and Measures. The Department is entrusted with the following works:-
Prevention of Black-marketing and Maintenance of Supply of Essential Commodities Act, 1980 (7 of 1980). Persons subjected to detention there under. Regulation of Packaged Commodities.

The Directorate of Consumer Affairs and Public Distribution, Government of J&K enforces The Essential Commodities Act 1955 and various Control Orders issued there under to ensure proper control of the supply and distribution of, and trade and commerce in, certain commodities. The Department also administers the Targeted Public Distribution System which is an important constituent of the strategy for food security to the population Below Poverty Line.
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